Light Incorporated


LIT product portfolio consists of

A)  All PHILIPS lighting products that include:

        1-  All kinds of lamps including e.g.:

LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, ceramic metal-halide lamps, outdoor lamps (Sodium, Mercury, Metal-Halide, etc.) 

         Special Lamps: cinema projectors lamps, UV lamps, medical lamps and theatre lamps, etc.


2-  All kinds of gears for

LED modules, Fluorescent lamps,

Ceramic Metal Halide lamps and

Outdoor lamps (Sodium, Mercury,

Metal-Halide) etc.


        3-  All kinds of fixtures (LED or Conventional)

             for so many applications including:

Outdoor luminaires for streets, facades, gardens/urban, sports facilities, parkings, etc.
luminaires for offices, shops, malls, museums, homes, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, parkings, etc.


You can follow the below link to discover PHILIPS lighting portfolio


B)  Locally produced indoor lighting fixtures (LED or Conventional)

C)  Other lighting products imported from Europe or Far East

D)  Safety/Emergency Lighting